By unanimous resolution of its Board of Directors
proudly confers upon




for Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of
Philippines- Japan Relations
In grateful recognition of his exemplary contributions to the development and growth of bilateral economic ties between the Philippines and Japan

Shinkoru Morohashi was born in Tokyo on July 13, 1922. He graduated from the Sophia University, also in Tokyo in 1947- the year he joined Mitsubishi Corporation. In the course of his career in Mitsubishi, he successfully undertook major projects in delicate positions of responsibility.

Mr. Morohashi’s first major overseas assignment came in 1971 when he became General Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation Manila Branch. His first posting in the Philippines was actually in 1958 when he stayed for three years. Including his four years as General Manager of Mitsubishi Manila, he deepened his understanding and appreciation of the Philippines, its history, culture, the economy, and its people. In all those years, he earned the respect and admiration of many Filipinos, many of whom are among his closest friends to this day. Significantly, it was during Mr. Morohashi’s stewardship of Manila Branch that Mitsubishi forged strategic business alliances with major Philippine corporations that served to define what is today Mitsubishi’s highly successful and profitable business operation in the Philippines. Indeed as outstanding business accomplishment in the Philippines and the close personal friendships he was able to forge have made an indelible mark in the progress of Philippines- Japan relations.

After his highly successful tenure in Manila, Mitsubishi Corporation gave Mr. Morohashi more demanding, more challenging roles in rapid succession: As General Manager of Ship Sales (1976); from 1980, as General Manager of the London Branch, concurrently serving as Executive Vice-President of Mitsubishi Europe and concurrently Director at Mitsubishi Corporation- Tokyo. In 1983, Morohashi-san was named Managing Director of Mitsubishi Corporation, then Executive Vice-Executive in 1985. A year later in 1986, he assumed the Presidency of Mitsubishi Corporation, a post he held for six year. Since 1992, Mr. Morohashi has served as Chairman of the Board of Mitsubishi Corporation. Mr. Morohashi also serves as Director of various major corporations belonging to the Mitsubishi Group, many have major investments in the Philippines.

Morohashi is a prominent business and civic leader in Japan. He has been and continues to be actively involved in the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and their respective Business Cooperation Committees with Argentina, Chile and the Philippines. Among others, he also actively involved in Bilateral Committees such as those with Kazakhstan, Germany and Australia. Mr. Morohashi is Deputy Chairman of the World Cup Japan 2002 Bidding Committee, President of the Mitsubishi Foundation and a Member of the Trade Conference, Office of the Prime Minister of Japan.

Mr. Morohashi is highly decorated for his outstanding achievements, not only in Japan but also in many countries, such as: Poland, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Canada. In February 1996, President Fidel V. Ramos conferred upon Mr. Morohashi a Presidential Citation.

Since 1988, Mr. Morohashi has served the Japan- Philippines Economic Cooperation Committee (JPECC) as its Co-Chairman. In this capacity, he has promoted Philippine business in Japan and has thus demonstrated not only his unwavering belief in the potentials of mutually beneficial Philippines- Japan relations, he has proven himself a true friend of the Filipino people.

In deep appreciation therefore of his dedicated service in forging closer business relations between Japan and the Philippines, and his outstanding performance as Co-Chairman since 1988 of the Japan-Philippines Economic Cooperation Committee, the Philippines- Japan Society hereby confers upon MR. SHINROKU MOROHASHI, the 20th Philippines-Japan Society Medal of Merit, the highest award within its gift to convey.

Done this 27th day of February in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, in Makati City, Philippines, on the occasion of the 20th Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration.


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