by unanimous resolution of its Board of Directors
proudly confers upon




 for Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of
Philippines-Japan Relations

in grateful recognition of his exemplary contributions to the
<development and growth of bilateral economic ties between the
Philippines and Japan

             Kazuo Haruna was born in Kobe on March 15, 1919. He acquired his university degree from the Tung-Wen College in Shanghai in 1940 after which he joined Daido Trading Co., Ltd. – one of the founding entities of present-day Marubeni Corporation. It was at this stage of his business career that Mr. Haruna when he first came to the Philippines, as a staff at Daido’s Manila branch. At that time, he was assigned to source abaca and ramie products for export, not only to Japan but to other countries as well. Before the Pacific War broke out, Mr. Haruna was repatriated back to Japan.

Mr. Haruna’s brilliance and dedication to work soon became evident as he steadily rose in the Marubeni organization, assuming major positions of responsibility. He served as General Manager in the London Branch of Marubeni Corporation before being named Chief Executive Officer of Marubeni America Corporation in New York. In 1975, he was appointed Senior Managing Director of Marubeni Corporation. In 1979, he became Executive Vice-President, and in 1983, he assumed the Presidency of one of Japan’s largest Sogo Shosha. Four years later, in 1987, Mr. Haruna reached the pinnacle of his career when he was elected Chairman of the Board. In 1997, marubeni named Mr. Haruna its Senior Corporate Advisor.

Mr. Kazuo Haruna has served his country well and in many ways, but most prominently perhaps through his selfless and active participation in many business and civic organizations. He has served as Vice-Chairman of the Keidanren while heading its Committee on International Cooperation Projects. He is also involved in the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Chairman of the Committee for International Economic Affairs. Mr. Haruna is Vice-Chairman of the Japan-China Association on Economy and Trade, Chairman of the Japan-Peru Economic Committee, and President of the Japan-Nigeria Association. In recognition of his outstanding achievements in promoting international trade, Mr. Haruna has received awards from the governments of Belgium, Brazil and Bulgaria.

Mr. Haruna always had a special, keen interest in the Philippines, the country of his first overseas assignment. As a leading executive, later Chairman of Marubeni Corporation, Mr. Haruna oversaw the rapid expansion of Marubeni’s business interests in the Philippines (in 1999, Marubeni Manila will observe its 90th year of operations in this country). For 14 years now, since 1983, Mr. Haruna has been a leading supporter and ardent promoter of Philippine business in Japan, mainly in his capacity as co-Chairman of the Japan-Philippines Economic Cooperation Committee (JPECC). His total and unqualified commitment to the JPECC vision of forging closer, stronger and more meaningful bilateral trade and business relations is common knowledge, for he himself has publicly pronounced time and again of his determination to continue serving JPECC as Chairman in the years ahead. Mr. Haruna has thus demonstrated not only his unwavering belief in the potentials of mutually beneficial Philippines-Japan relations, he has proven himself a true friend of the Filipino people.

In a deep appreciation therefore of his dedicated service in forging closer business relations between Japan and the Philippines, and his outstanding performance as Co-Chairman since 1983 of the Japan-Philippines Economic Cooperation Committee, the counterpart organization of the Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation Committee, the Philippines-Japan Society hereby confers upon Mr. Kazuo Haruna, the 19th Philippines-Japan Society Medal of Merit, the highest award within its gift to convey.

Done this 27th day of February in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, in Makati City, Philippines, on the occasion of the 20th Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebrattion.


                    JOSE S. LAUREL III                               BENJAMIN F. SANVICTORES
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