by unanimous resolution of its Board of Directors
hereby confers upon


the Medal for Outstanding Achievements in
the Promotion of Philippines-Japan Relations


Each year, the Philippines-Japan Society probes into the achievements of men who have made exemplary contributions to the cause of Philippines-Japan friendship in search of an individual who is deserving of its humble recognition. This year, the Society found such a man in the person of the Honorable SHIGEO NAGANO, whose concern for the further enhancement of international relations as well as for the continued growth of the friendship between his country and the Philippines has truly been marked with unselfish determination. Indeed, Mr. Nagano has done a great deal to strengthen the bonds which today make the world a closely-knit and harmonious global village.

Born at the turn of the century in Shimane Prefecture, Mr. Nagano graduated from the Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Tokyo University in 1924. He thereafter started working for the Fuji Steel Company, Ltd., where he began acquiring the expertise which was later to earn for him the well-deserved distinction of becoming President of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation. It was in this capacity that, on many occasions, he was able to provide invaluable assistance to the Philippine Government in a number of its infrastructure and other industrial programs.

His mounting concern for the Philippines and her people started to develop when, early in his career he found himself involved, along with his brother, Mamoru Nagano, then the Japanese Minister for Transportation, in the negotiations for the Philippines-Japan Reparations Agreement.

He has since then grown to become a dependable friend of many a Filipino including the Philippine diplomatic representatives to Japan. His concern for valid economic cooperation led Mr. Nagano to assist in the efforts toward the establishment of the Joint Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation Committee, which has now developed into a truly effective forum for the discussion of ways and means to further improve the economic relations between the two countries.

In 1980, Mr. Nagano, along with many of his colleagues and friends, including former Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, undertook the organization of what is today known as the Japan Solidarity Committee for Asian alumni, an organization which, with the assured support from the private sector in Japan, acts to further Japanese efforts toward enhanced friendship and goodwill with the alumni in ASEAN, including the Philippines, and the other nations of Asia who have received academic and technological education in Japan.

Indeed, Mr. Nagano has been able to rally his countrymen to the cause of continuing friendship with the Philippines, with Asia and the world.

It is only proper, therefore, that he be conferred the highest award of this Society, which is hereby wholeheartedly offered to him as a token of appreciation and accolade for his invaluable achievements in the promotion of lasting friendship between the peoples of the Philippines and Japan.

Done in Makati, Metro Manila, this 17th day of January 1984, and the 12th year of the Philippines-Japan Society.


Chairman of the Board


BENJAMIN F. SANVICTORES                                   VICTOR  A. LIM
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