by unanimous resolution of its Board of Directors

hereby confers upon


the Medal for Outstanding Achievement

in the Promotion of Philippines-Japan Relations

in recognition of his pioneering and outstanding efforts

in the pursuit of this paramount objective of the Society.

It is truly gratifying that the most prominent and respected elder statesman of Japan today is a fast and cherished friend of the Philippines. Without his impressive contributions to the fostering of amiable relations between the peoples of the Philippines and Japan, their common path toward peace would have been more difficult to tread.

His dedication and brilliance as a public servant was recognized early in his career when, soon after graduating from the Law Department of the Imperial University in Tokyo, he was appointed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. Not long afterwards, he became its Minister. In 1942, he was elected to the House of Representatives of the Japanese Diet, and a year later, at the height of World War II, was named to the position of Minister of State.

One of the founders of the Japan Democratic Party and later the Liberal Democratic Party, acting as Director-General of both, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1956.

It was in this capacity that he was able to render invaluable assistance to the Philippines by way, among others, of the Reparations payments amounting $550 million.

His brilliant career reached its peak when he was elected Prime Minister of Japan in 1957. As such, he paid a state visit to the Philippines – the first Japanese Head of Government to do so – that accomplished much in erasing misunderstandings and rancor between the Philippines and Japan generated by the war, hastened the normalization of relations between them, and led to the conclusion of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation in 1960.

Throughout his distinguished career as a leader of the Japanese people, he never wavered in his friendship toward the Filipino people. Even now, in private life, he continues to be guided by this abiding sentiment and motivation as President of the Philippines Society of Japan.

It is the Honorable NOBUSUKE KISHI who, more than any one of his countrymen, has contributed energetically and effectively to the promotion of cordial and mutually rewarding relations between the Philippines and Japan. He has become, indeed, the personification and the most honored symbol of Philippines-Japan friendship.

It is meet, therefore, that he be the first Japanese to be conferred the highest award of this Society, which is hereby wholeheartedly offered to him as a token of appreciation and accolade for his invaluable leadership and endeavors in the promotion of enduring amity between the Philippines and Japan.

Done in Makati, Metro Manila, on this 17th day of January 1980 and on the eighth year of this Society.


Chairman of the Board



BENJAMIN F. SANVICTORES                                                                            VICTOR  A. LIM
Executive Director                                                                                     Executive Director