by unanimous resolution of its Board of Directors
hereby confers upon

The Honorable NOBORU GOTOH

its MEDAL OF MERIT for Outstanding Achievement
in the Promotion of Philippines-Japan Relations

in recognition of his exemplary contributions to the continued
growth of economic, industrial and trade relations between
the Philippines and Japan, and his unequaled achievements
in the promotion of harmonious international relations.

As Chairman of the Japan National Committee for Economic Cooperation with the Philippines from its inception in 1974 up to 1984, he remains committed to its avowed goals as its Advisor, unselfishly devoting his time, talents and resources to vigorous efforts directed toward the promotion of mutual economic interests between the Philippines and Japan, thereby contributing greatly to the development of Japan as the Philippines’ second biggest trading partner and foreign investor.

Born on August 21, 1916, Mr, Noboru Gotoh graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Tokyo Imperial University, in March 1940 and thereafter was recruited by the Toshiba  Corporation. After five years, he joined the Tokyu Corporation, one of the biggest economic conglomerates of Japan. He became its President in 1954 and, later, its Chairman. He has since been at the helm of Japan’s most prestigious economic and civic organizations, which includes the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Economic Organization (KEIDANREN) and the Japan Federation of Employers’ Association (NIKKEIREN).

An economist with a vision for global prosperity, he has done much to promote worldwide economic development and progress by serving in many international economic organizations, such as the Pacific Basin Economic Council, the Confederation of Asian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the International Chamber of Commerce.

His talents in the fields of business economics were not left unrecognized. The Government of Japan has enlisted his services on many occasions. He has served as Chairman of the Council of Foreign Economic Cooperation, Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprise Policy Making Council, Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Counselor of the Bank of Japan, Chairman of the Advisory Committee and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In recognition of his meritorious services to his country and to other nations of the world, he has been bestowed various awards of distinction such as the First Class Order of the Scared Treasure from His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, the Commander of the Order of the Lion from the President of the Republic of Finland and the First Class Order of Chivalry from His Majesty the King of Malaysia.

In acknowledgement of the aforesaid achievements and his dedicated service to humanity, particularly for his untiring efforts in the promotion of lasting friendship between the peoples of the Philippines and Japan, the Philippines-Japan Society hereby confers upon the Honorable Noboru Gotoh the organization’s Medal of Merit.

DONE in Makati, Metro Manila, this 15th day of February 1988 and the 16th year of the Philippines-Japan Society.


                                                                                                                                VICTOR  A. LIM