by resolution unanimously approved by its Board of Directors
hereby confers upon

The Honorable DAVID SYCIP

the Medal for Outstanding Achievement
in the Promotion of Philippines-Japan Relations

in recognition of his exemplary work and outstanding efforts
in the pursuit of the paramount objectives of the Society.


The Philippines-Japan Society honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Philippines-Japan relations. The Honorable DAVID SYCIP is one such individual and deserves the accolade and esteem of his colleagues in the Society and of their Japanese counterparts for his efforts in ensuring more stable economic ties between the Philippines and Japan.

As Chairman of the Philippine national Committee for Economic Cooperation with Japan, which he helped found in 1973, he continues to improve the economic relations between the Philippines and Japan through the conduct of a continuing dialogue among the business leaders of the two nations. Believing that a “pocket-to-pocket” relationship espoused by the Honorable Takeo Fukuda, former Prime Minister of Japan and Honorary Member of this Society, he has, through the years, effectively presented in Philippines-Japan, ASEAN and, indeed, even in global economic forums the tenable proposition that a country’s relations with its neighbors are determined for the most part by their economic ties. It was primarily for this reason that he was chosen as the head of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Economic Mission to the People’s Republic of China in 1973. To create a permanent forum for dialogue among the peoples of Asia, he also assisted in the establishment of the Philippine Asian Club, inc. in 1975, which today continues to provide many opportunities for Asian from specialized fields to meet and discuss economic, cultural and other issues affecting their region.

A mechanical engineer by training, the Honorable DAVID SYCIP, who graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines in 1937 and has a diploma from the Colorado School of Mines, where he was included in the Dean’s Honor Roll in 1939, decided early in his career to re-direct his professional interests toward the more alluring world of trade and commerce. With his innovativeness and competence, he soon found himself at the hub of many prominent business institutions, including the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, of which he was the President for many years until his retirement in 1982.

His exposure to world commerce was to provide him with the expertise and disposition demanded in international negotiations for better economic relations. These traits made him the logical choice as Chairman of the Council for Economic Development and the Vice-Chairman of the ASEAN Section of the ASEAN-Japan Economic Council. His membership in various important international associations, such as the Philippines ASEAN Council of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Committee, has proved to be a significant factor in the continuing success of these organizations.

Fittingly, the many accomplishments of the Honorable DAVID SYCIP have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the many tokens of recognition he has received. Only recently, on the occasion of Japan’s World Trade Day, no less than the Head of Government of Japan, Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, conferred upon him an award for his contributions to the improvement of Japan’s trade structure through promotion of its importation of manufactured goods and fostering of better understanding with other countries on trade issues.

Let it be noted, finally, that while dedicated to the promotion of national interests, he is nevertheless able to effectively blend this laudable purpose with his commitment to enhancing harmony between the Philippines and Japan, and the rest of the world.

The Society is, indeed, pleased to offer its highest award to the Honorable DAVID SYCIP, whose works and achievements have forged an enduring memorial in his honor in the annals of Philippines-Japan relations.

DONE in Makati, Metro Manila, this 17th day of January 1985 and on the thirteenth year of the Society.


Chairman of the Board


BENJAMIN F. SANVICTORES                                  VICTOR  A. LIM
Executive Director                                               Executive Director